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Benefits of Housing Deconstruction over Demolition

Deconstruction of a house is when a house is dismantled instead of demolished. When a home is deconstructed, many parts of it can be reused or recycled instead of disposed of. This produces less...more

Innovation for Social Impact

The potential for technology to solve challenges in new ways, to enable faster scale, and to invite people around the world into the global economy is limitless. With technological innovation and...more

The Era of Philanthrocapitalism
Foundation: Gates Foundation

Due to the financial crisis of 2008, Wall Street and the financial sector are viewed as the bad guys by large parts of the country, especially those occupying the lower classes of life. To go into...more

The Critical Role Philanthropy Must Play in the Paris Climate Accords

In December 2015 188 nations convened in Paris and formally submitted proposals on their part to reduce global climate change or at least attempt to stop it at it's current level of change. However,...more

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Government Grants for the Environment

U.S. Air Quality Capacity Building Fellowship

The purpose of the U.S. Air Quality Capacity Building Fellowship project is to capitalize on U.S. experience in reducing air pollution by pairing 10-15 American air quality experts with governments...more
Posted On - 2018-06-22

Increased Transparency and Control of Mercury in Peru

Support Peru's relevant government agencies to increase transparency, traceability, and control over the elemental mercury handling system in Peru through the development of practical policies,...more
Posted On - 2018-06-22

Least Bell's Vireo surveys and cowbird trapping
Fish and Wildlife Service
Surveys and monitoring of least Bell's vireo and cowbird trapping on Santa Ana River,...more
Posted On - 2018-06-21

Environmental Governance in U.S. Free Trade Agreement Countries
Fish and Wildlife Service
The purpose of this project is to improve environmental governance, particularly to address the challenges of air pollution, water, and waste management. The goal is to improve the regulatory and...more
Posted On - 2018-06-21

Visitor Education and Outreach Program
Fish and Wildlife Service
The refuge seeks to enhance the visitor service operations of the refuge, primarily to engage refuge visitors and expand the refuge reach into the urban...more
Posted On - 2018-06-21

Habitat restoration for Amargosa vole
Fish and Wildlife Service
Habitat restoration and enhancement of the Northern Tecopa Marsh Complex, California, for the benefit of federally endangered Amargosa...more
Posted On - 2018-06-21

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Social Entrepreneurship

Peanut Farmers in Haiti Benefit from Social Enterprise

Peanut Farmers in Haiti Benefit from Social Enterprise
The Acceso Peanut Enterprise Corp., a social enterprise launched by The Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership,...

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